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Within And Without

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Our life remains
A process of guilt and obfuscation
And it stays the same
No closer to the deeper truths
And further from a divine light

We rode on wings, baring our souls / Into the night
Leaving scattered remnants of self / When the stars fall
We fell from the sky / The depths went black
And with a blink / The lesser wind
Stood and teetered on the chasm's brink / Submitting to the darkness

And grey, and black and nothingness
We form a line, from there to here
Hoping to find our way back

Gave way to green, and the ultimate question / With the remnants of light
All things seen and heard / You've sewn the seeds on the altar
All intangibles given a word / The new dawn's fire
And now a new breath, a decree / Burns brighter still

Of purpose, of inspiration, of necessity
To the many possibilities left unheard

We bend, we wither, without the wind
Wearing borrowed skin
Dethroned, feet set firm
I see the liars, cower in their dens

To defy concern, by discerning, we rise again
To gain a hold, by releasing
The chaff blows away with the wind

Fear of death is a delusion we must escape
While weakness preys upon the Will
Yet we offer the excuse of self

With scream and whisper a call will be heard
Unable to say where the mountain ends and the clouds begin
Floating in the aether awaiting the grasp of all who dare
Unwilling to say where the mountain ends and the clouds begin

We bend, we wither, without the wind
And grey, and black, and nothingness
With scream and whisper
Our call will be heard


from The Crash And The Draw, released April 7, 2015



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Minsk Chicago, Illinois

Scattered between the sleepy city of Peoria and metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, and drawing inspiration from a remote Belarusian city that has been burned to the ground only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, MINSK is an enigmatic collection of opposites. The music is at once modern, organic, and other-worldly; songs are stirring sonic journeys. ... more


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