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The Crash And The Draw

by Minsk

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Chicago's MINSK reemerge from a six year hiatus with their biggest and finest record yet, 'The Crash And The Draw'. Rooted in the post-metal landscape that brought us bands like Neurosis and Isis, with 'The Crash And The Draw' MINSK step out from the shadows of the giants of their genre to create a psychedelic blend of melodic tribal heaviness. The wait was worth it, as MINSK have delivered one of the year's best and most forward thinking metal records of the year.


released April 7, 2015

Relapse Records 2015



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Minsk Chicago, Illinois

Scattered between the sleepy city of Peoria and metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, and drawing inspiration from a remote Belarusian city that has been burned to the ground only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, MINSK is an enigmatic collection of opposites. The music is at once modern, organic, and other-worldly; songs are stirring sonic journeys. ... more


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Track Name: To The Initiate
The triumph of the three
As it is, and because of what is, and what shall ever be
The four beneath the one
The quintessential animation
Spirits arise, to you there is no end
Time will progress with the beauty of what shall ever be
Absence provides water for this elemental spring

The toil and the reaping
A reminder of inherent beauty
Welcome respite amidst the weeping
An ushering in, a reminder of purpose
Of Will, of duty, of rejuvenation of promise
To answer the clarion call
As imagination creates existence
The builders professing to one and all

Far flung revisions, unsteady convictions, fall with me now
Uninitiated, we'll fight the war from outside, follow me down
I'll warn you but once, the answers aren't there
And maybe this spirals en route to nowhere
And the compartments of the scheme are vast
But up is still down, and the last will be first
And fevered dreams are still illusions too

Imagination creates existence
The builders professing to one and all
This too shall pass
With you I'll pass
This blessed past
Forever bending fast

To you there is no end
To us there is no end
To all there is no end
To end the time begins
Track Name: Within And Without
Our life remains
A process of guilt and obfuscation
And it stays the same
No closer to the deeper truths
And further from a divine light

We rode on wings, baring our souls / Into the night
Leaving scattered remnants of self / When the stars fall
We fell from the sky / The depths went black
And with a blink / The lesser wind
Stood and teetered on the chasm's brink / Submitting to the darkness

And grey, and black and nothingness
We form a line, from there to here
Hoping to find our way back

Gave way to green, and the ultimate question / With the remnants of light
All things seen and heard / You've sewn the seeds on the altar
All intangibles given a word / The new dawn's fire
And now a new breath, a decree / Burns brighter still

Of purpose, of inspiration, of necessity
To the many possibilities left unheard

We bend, we wither, without the wind
Wearing borrowed skin
Dethroned, feet set firm
I see the liars, cower in their dens

To defy concern, by discerning, we rise again
To gain a hold, by releasing
The chaff blows away with the wind

Fear of death is a delusion we must escape
While weakness preys upon the Will
Yet we offer the excuse of self

With scream and whisper a call will be heard
Unable to say where the mountain ends and the clouds begin
Floating in the aether awaiting the grasp of all who dare
Unwilling to say where the mountain ends and the clouds begin

We bend, we wither, without the wind
And grey, and black, and nothingness
With scream and whisper
Our call will be heard
Track Name: Onward Procession I. These Longest Of Days
Of Light and enlivened in solstice embrace
Knowing full the limitless nature of the all
Emboldened enmeshed in these longest of days
Embracing the infinite power of the one

Waiting for harvest cherishing growth
Eyes brightened by the sun
White as gold

The mourning has fallen and memory fades away with the fog
Shall you conspire against this mystery, and when have you the time
Let these rays burn through and be now edified
The crash and the draw, the unchanging law, the sea rises

Memory fades away
We follow as the water finds its way
The Lethe's sweet embrace
Track Name: Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls
Thrown into the depths
A self-imposed exile
Gnawing at the marrow
The stragglers set to expire
Breathe, breathe

Unaware of the current, see the cost and its worth, unaware of our birth
The necessity of a cleansing never evident before
Unaware of the currency, the cost and its worth, unaware of our birth
Attention must be paid
Unaware of the current, see the cost and its worth, unaware of our birth
Gnosis, a foundation, realizing
Unaware of the currency, the cost and its worth, unaware of our birth
And it's worth
Attention you must pay
Track Name: Onward Procession III. The Blue Hour
Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates

Our wayward voices shall call once again
One and all, none and all


Of warp, and weft, we thin / A wake to mourning, a birth to evening
Of breath bereft, and nothing left, we pass again / Awake to morning, an heir to even-ing
Track Name: Onward Procession IV. Return, The Heir
Unleashed upon fecund earth
With new birth, a death revealed, all guilt repealed
All consuming, the answer is to breathe
Animus & Spiritus: the crux
Cultivating this age old growth
Track Name: The Way Is Through
We've built illusion, into every failing sequence / Welcome decay in honor of the sun
This hollow shell, this beacon of suffering / The path unknown, we carry on, we approach

A death march, repeating, forever in a circle

And hidden from our sight, for an end we still falsely seek / To see the road, and to not traverse
There is a cost here, etched in every heart / Would destroy the will, would vanquish the soul
The pain we hide, from ourselves / And now let us proceed with all that we know, balance returns

That will awaken to begin
A new procession
Toward an undoing
Stowed away beneath time

How far can you see, never far enough
And how much ground must be covered to roundly crown the bluff
The circle ever bending
The cycle never ending

The way is through, no circumventing here
To see the road and not to traverse
Would destroy the will, would vanquish the soul
So let us proceed with all that we know

This fire inside ascends, awaiting, new light to rise
Awaken to begin a new procession

Starlight commands the world be built again
To start again by ceasing
We approach, another cycle

Awaken, to begin, renewal
Why aren't you living
Why would you repeat this
Track Name: To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure
Lifeless shells dance to the rhythm of the ego
Forced into freedom while blind to its wisdom
The monoliths scream emptiness, no power held within

Extract the wrath, the spectre of not fit to be

Chasing a never ending ending, neglecting the now
Lifeless shells dance to the rhythm of the ego
A seething retreating

Left to rot in the nether, rejecting the never
Monoliths scream emptiness, no power held within
You have not arrived, and you are blind

The stream hidden ‘neath the rose, hidden ‘neath the hollowed oak
Winds carry the dust of fossilized dreams
But they are blind

The child of the union, the lesser stone
Leaving the inner eye to guide, regret we leave you to die
Be not blind

Extract the wrath, the spectre of not fit to be
At the foot of the hill, a sacrifice made
To the garish remembrance of failure

White to green, peel away the sterile sheen
Blessed separation, the ending of the masquerade
Track Name: When The Walls Fell
This night / Toward and empty sky a soul defies
Soaked in fire / Two paths collide
His head so low he cannot lift / An offering to death sublime
His eyes for you / In the sacred lines to follow

Upon the precipice, setting precedent
This space where nothing grows
Writhing in grey, wishing the woe away
Faces seen but never known

All the roads to strange paradise
Yet unknown, this sacred destruction

Oh child, your life, your will
Sinking feeling, where are you going now

We approach, an even-ing
We approach a horizon, another cycle of renewal
All our lives, waiting for this time, this release
The mourning has fallen, a balance returns, an even-ing

All our lives spent, waiting for this
Soaked in fire, an empty sky, death sublime, a soul defies this time
All our crimes, they have played out against us
Forget the finality, there is abundance here
Embrace the complexity, now cut the cord and release

Chipping away, away at the stone, building it all, always alone
An inroad into the calcified mind, the beginning of the end of these chains that will bind
So we are, chipping away, so we could know
These scars of old left to mend in the cold

Discovering the essence, we harken the call / Oh child, your life, your will
Left for dead in this wasteland, the path unknown / Sinking feeling, where are you going now
We carry on, without fear, the birds speak in tongues / A blinding light returns, the Will set within
We will heed their beckoning, proceed with all we know / At the foot of the hill, a sacrifice made, the will set within
We will harken the call, we will find a way

Yet we remain numb, with this placid facade
I will see through this, I will find a way

We will find our way
Beginning of the end